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A Day in the Life of a Billy Lou Staff Member

A Day in the Life of a Billy Lou Staff Member

Working at Billy Lou is not like a normal retail job, there is so much more involved. We start the day off about ½ an hour before opening to get the shop clean, make sure all stock is on display, online orders are processed and any refills are done from our other storerooms. Quite often we have a line of keen little ones to get in as soon as we open so it’s all systems go when we open the door. The kids are great, so excited to be there and try on some new shoes (well most of them are).

We are all trained fitters and this is such an important part of our jobs. We have a policy that we don’t sell a shoe unless it fits so you know you are going to get shoes that are right for your children’s feet. We receive a lot of on the job training and all staff are put through a Clarks Fitters Course.

Billy Lou carries such a wide variety of shoe brands that we need to learn about. They all fit differently, are made differently, they are produced in different countries, they use different leathers. None of the brands are the same. So our product and general knowledge is important to ensure we help you get the right fitted shoe.

We also need to be able to work with kids and adults and be able to relate to them. Sometimes we need to be really strict with the kids as we have a duty of care and we need to remind the kids (and sometimes the parents ) that we are not a playground. The kids just get excited but we don’t want them to get hurt.

Our jobs can be quite stressful especially when the shop is super busy and it can be really noisy and mayhem but it’s important that we keep calm and work as fast as we can still giving each customer the service they require.

When the shop quietens down we then have a lot of cleaning up to do, stock fixing, online order checking, more cleaning and refilling. Sometimes we will also have big deliveries to unpack, barcode and put away. We can have up to 50 boxes of stock delivered at once time (and that’s not 50 shoe boxes, that could be 50 boxes with 300 pairs of shoes to unpack).

So, it’s a busy job which is fun and rewarding. We get to see the kids grow up from when they come first come in-store to get their first shoes to when they go to kindy and beyond.